Saturday 3rd of June 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Wooden Entry Doors

From the front to the back of the house, entry doors serve more than just as passageways that admit people in and out of a property. These doors, when chosen appropriately, can also serve as aesthetic additions to the home. Wood is considered as the most classic and timeless option for entry doors. Wooden entry doors offer security, protection and appeal that just never go out of style.

Characteristics of Wooden Entry Doors   

Wooden entry doors get a fair amount of attention because they look robust, solid and traditional. These doors are often made of hardwood that can withstand wear and tear, and if finished properly, can also stand to the effects of harsh weather elements.

  • The color, texture and grains of a wooden entry door can vary greatly depending on the wood species that it came from. For instance, cherry wood is known for its dark hues ranging from red to dark brown. Its straight lines are more pronounced than other wood species. Cherry is ideally used to project a warm and traditional ambience into the home. For a modern and contemporary look, the fine-grained Poplar and smooth-textured Maple are also viable options.
  • Wooden entry doors are more exposed to harsh weather elements than interior doors. Hardwood species are the best options for entry doors because they usually come face-to-face with sun, rain and snow exposure. Wooden entry doors can suffer from darkening of color, warping, shrinking and chipping due to these exposures. Staining and finishing these doors before installation are usually performed to prevent the absorption of moisture and to maintain the wood’s natural colors against direct sunlight.
  • Wooden entry doors can easily blend and complement a home’s architectural design. Wood is a very flexible material in that it can be rustic, modern, traditional or old world-looking, depending on the style, stain and other features that a homeowner chooses. Wooden entry doors can come in a variety of design, ranging from the craftsmanship on the wood’s surface to accessories that further accentuate the door’s design like transoms, lites, sidelites, grills and knockers.

Maximizing the Potentials and Minimizing Damages of Wooden Entry Doors 

Wooden entry doors hold more visual potentials than other door-making materials. Wooden doors can be handcrafted with unique and personalized designs in order to draw more attention to the façade of the home.

In order to ensure that wooden entry doors always get the attention they deserve, they should be styled and designed to complement the look of the home. For instance, patio doors and back doors can use wood with glass paneling in order to provide the guests with a good view of the backyard. Other door styles such as sliding wooden doors and wooden French doors can also be explored.

While it can’t be helped that wooden entry doors are exposed to different weather elements, homeowners can keep their entry doors in mint condition and beautiful appearance for the years to come by periodically checking the door’s finish. If the finish is showing signs of fading or cracking, it may need to be cleaned, sanded and refinished with a clear coat and/or paint.

High-quality wooden entry doors may come with more expensive price tag than other types of doors, but this can easily be justified by the uniqueness, durability and beauty they bring to your home.