Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Wood Entry Doors

Entry doors are obviously the most noticeable doors when the house is viewed from the outside. Whether these doors are front doors, back doors or patio doors, having a well-appointed entry door in terms of form and function add much to the home’s appeal. Wood entry doors are appreciated for that timeless look and grandeur that seem to welcome the guests with warmth and sincerity. Wood entry doors also provide stable protection and insulation to keep the home safe and even in temperature.

Types of Wooden Entry Doors

Wooden entry door types range from a simple slab to a more detailed decorative exterior door. Depending on the look that a homeowner wants to achieve with his home’s façade, these are the common types of wooden entry doors to choose from.

  • Panel door – the wooden panel door is composed of a single door hinged either from the left or the right, and swings in or out. The panel door is simple exterior door that looks straightforward with raised panels against the surface of the door.
  • Double doors – wooden double doors are hinged from the sides. These doors may open both sides or keep one side closed and hinged while the other side opens.
  • Decorative wooden door – can come either as a single panel door or double doors with decorative details on the surface. The decorative wooden door can be an expensive choice because of the craftsmanship and handiwork on the surface of the door, but can also be very attractive and eye-catching.
  • French doors – are ideally located as a back door or patio door. A wooden French door is composed of panels of glass encased in a wooden frame. Wooden French doors provide an attractive view of the backyard or garden while giving the home’s interior a passageway for natural lighting.
  • Wooden sliding patio doors – another option for a patio door is a sliding door composed of a wooden frame with glass panels.

Apart from these door types, wooden entry doors can further be enhanced or decorated by adding lites and side lites, transoms and grills.

Benefits of Wood Entry Doors 

  • Wood doors are regarded as more aesthetically appealing than other door materials. Although fiberglass, steel and other materials have rose in popularity, wood has always been the classic and go-to material when it comes to achieving a more beautiful entryway.
  • Wood doors age beautifully over time. Most hardwood species used as entry doors age gracefully or better over time. This characteristic makes a wood entry door more appealing and allows future generations of homeowners enjoy the beauty of a hardwood entry door.
  • Wood entry doors help increase a home’s selling value. Curb appeal or the home’s worth when sold dramatically increases when wood entry doors are installed. Wood is known to be a durable and beautiful material, therefore making the wood entry door as a very worthy investment.
  • It is easy to update the look of a wood entry door. Homeowners can add accessories like knockers and grills into the entry door or refinish the door with a different hue to achieve a more updated look. By choosing the right stain and textures, it is so easy for wood entry doors to match the architectural design of a home.

Suffice to say, wood entry doors are effortless in making a home more beautiful and worthy to buy. Wood entry doors are effective in projecting a warm welcome to guests while affording homeowner the look of elegance in their entry ways.