Wednesday 22nd of March 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Barn Door Hardware

Barn Door HardwareBarn doors have not only become popular because of their design. Because these doors are designed to maximize space or use very little space compared to their counterparts, these doors are great options most especially to those with space issues at home.  Instead of making use of vertical hinges so that the doors would swing open, these doors have horizontal tracks to roll open. This permits the door to remain relatively flat against the adjacent walls and in the process occupy very little space. It requires unique barn door hardware items not similar to the traditional door.


One more advantage of the barn door is that you can use bigger than usual doors since the door’s weight is spread over the entire track. Home builders, architects, and homeowners who want to create a wider entry point and better equipment flow without sacrificing the space are installing barn doors. This type of door is ideal for rooms where space is very limited.

When picking the right barn door hardware, you need to match the weight capacity of the hardware to the weight of the barn door to assure the structural integrity of the door.  At the same time, you have to measure the wall space either to the left or right side of the opening to make sure that you have ample space for your track and barn door.

Barn door hardware can enhance the look and efficiency of a kitchen, allowing flexibility and ease to homeowners especially when there are guests to be entertained. In many instances, barn doors can also act as dividers.

The barn door was originally used in farms and brands, hence the name. These doors are usually found in quaint and rustic areas. However, the commercial market eventually discovered the rustic appeal and usefulness of barn doors and they slowly applied the design in their garages and outhouses. Today, barn doors are now commonly used by a lot of homeowners for practical and aesthetic purposes.

Among the many advantages of having barn doors is its more inexpensive maintenance costs compared with regular door types. Nowadays, a lot of architects and interior designers endorse the installation of barn doors especially for property owners with limited budgets to work with. This type of door can last for a long time, even when exposed to all kinds of elements, plus it does not require tedious maintenance work. Consequently, homeowners who opt for barn door hardware are able to save money and benefit on this type of door’s resilience and durability.

Thanks to their unique design and installation, the barn door is one of the best solutions in tight, limited spaces. So, if you are interested in boosting the size your space,  the barn door is your best bet in reaching that goal.