Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are probably only a few of the many door inventions that are not only durable but are also easy to use, easy to maintain and aesthetically appealing as well. Most importantly, they are designed to allow users maximize space. That is why they are very popular in commercial, public and industrial entities and even residential setting.


Their ability to be confined in a small ceiling space is one of the main reasons why roll up doors are very popular. Regardless of how tall or wide the door is, the roll up doors can be adjusted to accommodate it without having the extra burden of space. In fact, only about 3 feet of ceiling space is required for these doors. Hence, these doors are very practical if you have a tall ceiling and tall door.


Roll up doors can be made of steel, fiberglass, aluminum or wood. All these materials are durable, hence, regardless of your choice, you are assured it will last long as long as the door is properly maintained. This is also why roll up doors are also suited for industrial applications. In homes, these are commonly used in the garage.

Low Weight

These doors weigh a lot less than any other type of door. If you are dealing with a garage door that is twice as tall as the regular door, the low weight makes a whole lot of difference. This means that anyone in the family can have access to the garage, whether to park a vehicle or take it out for a ride. The man in the house doesn’t always have to be there to help open the garage door.

How Else are Roll Up Doors Used in the Household?

Colorful mid-century modern residences are seeing a lot of possible uses to the roll up doors. For instance, these are used to close off some areas of the house for office space. Another creative usage is to have it “hanging” over a nook to separate it from the rest of the house. The nook could be a quiet book corner or a study space for the kids. The use of roll up doors in this aspect is essential if there is limited space.

Customized roll up doors are also used in kitchens to create a storage space. These doors can be incorporated in cabinets containing the small appliances. When used for this purpose, the doors can be sectional instead of the full rolling steel door.

A wooden roll up door makes a good patio door too. A roll up, regardless of its make, allows for a unique connection to the outdoor space. Because it’s a roll up, it stays open for longer periods of time so the patio, the pool, and even the gardening area become merged with the rest of the house.

A roll up door can practically be used anywhere where space is an issue.