Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Hardwood patio doors

Hardwood patio doorsHardwood is a beautiful material for doors. It looks elegant and its beautiful wood grain is luxuriously warm to the touch. More to its aesthetic appeal, they are also easy to maintain. When a hardwood door is scratched, it can easily be repaired through waxing and re-finishing. However, full hardwood patio doors are quite expensive and they beat the purpose of the patio, which is an extension of the living room. If you use full hardwood, that fragile connection between the indoor and the outdoor will be broken. In order to enjoy the beauty of hardwood but at the same time maintain the purpose of the patio, glass hardwood patio doors came to exist. Advantages of the Hardwood Door Frame For patio doors utilizing hardwood as the frame and glass in-between, the following are the key advantages:

  • Hardwood is bad at conducting heat so even if it’s very hot outside, the inside of the house remains cool.
  • The hardwood frame can be painted or polished in any shade so for the architect, sky’s the limit when it comes to the finish.
  • Problems on the door’s joints can be easily resolved by fixing the wooden beading.
  • They have long life and maintenance is easy and cheap.
  • Hardwood patio doors are more resistant to air and wind so they’re best for windy areas.
  • Indulge your eyes on two things: the beauty of the hardwood material and the natural beauty of your exterior as you can see through the glass.

Disadvantages of the Hardwood Patio Doors

  • The main disadvantage of using hardwood on your patio doors is that they are prone to termite infestation. Since they are outside doors, they will become prone to moisture and that’s the key to termite infestation. In such case, finishing that resists moisture retention should be used.
  • They’re more expensive compared to any other material but because they’re longer lasting, the price should be worth it.
  • Some suppliers provide bad quality hardwood that has knots and rotten pieces. These may be cheaper but they may progress to defects in the frames. Defects can cause the frames to be destroyed in a relatively shorter period of time.
  • Moisture in the atmosphere plus exposure to heat can cause the wooden material to fade and can actually warp hardwood patio doors.

When installing hardwood patio doors for your home, knowing the limitations of these doors is important to enjoying. To make sure that you have quality hardwood door, make sure that you know where to get your materials. Design is also another consideration to keep in mind.