Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Glass Church Doors

Different doors serve different purposes in different establishments. In the case of churches and other buildings of worship, glass doors are perceived to be a better option because they tend to look more welcoming and accessible. Glass church doors may be frosted or tainted and must be fitted properly against the frame to prevent them from breaking easily.

The Importance of Glass Church Doors 

Unlike homes and other private establishments, the church is perceived to be a building for everybody. However, some churches give off an intimidating air which makes people feel insecure and not welcomed. To address this issue and ink a more accommodating image of the church to the people, glass doors may be installed. Specifically, here are some of the most important benefits that glass church doors provide:

  • Make the church look more welcoming and accessible. Churches, especially old ones, tend to look intimidating. By installing glass church doors, people will perceive the church as a building that they can go to anytime and free to join in the worship.
  • Glass church doors allow for visual links between the people and the building itself. People can easily see what’s going on inside the church without having to come through solid and closed doors.
  • Glass church doors remove the daunting feeling of being trapped. Furthermore, glass doors allow for some or more natural lighting to enter through the church’s interiors.
  • These doors also give a more welcoming impression even to people who are merely passing by and are non-worshipers.

The façade of the church including its doors can make a heavy impression to people. And church being a respected place for worshiping and devotion, could very much benefit from the more welcoming image provided by glass church doors.

Options for Glass Church Doors 

Churches considering of switching their old doors with the new glass church doors are faced with several options. Some of the considerations in installing glass church doors are:

  • Number of panes- Glass doors can come in single, double or multiple panes.
  • Type of Framing-apart from the traditional frames, frameless glass church doors can also be aesthetically appealing.
  • Tints and manifestations – manifestations are marks or lines that indicate these are glass church and prevent people from walking through by accident. Glass church doors can also be tainted or frosted or stained.
  • Opening mechanism – glass church doors may be opened manually and/or automatically