Saturday 3rd of June 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Garage Doors

Garage DoorsThe garage is an important part of the house that admits vehicles in and out. The garage may also multi-function as a storage room, a hobby area and a laundry room.

Despite the functional attributes of the garage, it also needs to be visually appealing, and the main feature that needs to be considered is the garage door.

The garage door provides protection and security for the vehicles as well as insulation for the people within. Garage doors are versatile in form, mechanisms and visual appeal. It is imperative that garage doors are able to meet the preference and needs of the owner as well as add visual impact into the house.

Materials Used to Construct Garage Doors 

Nowadays, garage doors are constructed with steel, glass, fiberglass, vinyl and wood or a combination of these.

Wood garage doors lend an air of elegance and personality to the garage. Solid wood garage doors can be etched, designed and stained to complement the house’s architectural exteriors.

Steel garage doors are known for their durability and are low maintenance. Steel garage doors can also be painted to match the house’s overall look.

Fiberglass along with vinyl and glass may be incorporated with steel and wooden garage doors to give the garage a more personalized and beautiful look. For instance, using glass and fiberglass panels lend the garage door a more elegant and sophisticated look, while using aluminum along with steel makes the garage door look more modern.

Considerations in Choosing Garage Doors 

Garage doors can be wonderful investments and can increase the house’s worth if they are designed and chosen well. Here some consideration in choosing garage doors:

  • Size of the entryway. Space limitation dictates the number of vehicles that can be accommodated inside the garage and the door’s closing and opening mechanism. For instance, roller doors are more suitable for small entryways while the up-and-over mechanism require more space because they swing first when opened.
  • Local climate. Exposure to the local climate can have a huge impact to the garage doors’ performance and durability. Steel is a good choice for almost all types of weather, while wood may easily be damaged in the rain. However, there are now advanced construction practices that make these materials more durable and dependable.
  • Activities inside the garage. If the garage is to be utilized in some other ways apart from storing vehicles, the materials and their features should also be considered. Insulation should also be taken into account. Size of the garage and maintenance are key factors as well. 

Garage doors do not really take the bulk of the consideration when choosing, buying and renovating a house, but they can hold huge potentials in making the house more appealing and worth-selling in the future.