Saturday 3rd of June 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Folding Glass Doors

Folding Glass DoorsExcavations from Pompeii reveal that Romans used folding doors in as early as the first century AD.  Hence, it is safe to say that they practically invented the concept of a type of door that folds back in sections to open. The main purpose of the folding doors is to provide space and sound partition quick and to remove them just as fast as well. Over the years, the materials used for such doors evolved until we have the folding glass doors today.

Differences of Traditional and Glass Folding Doors

There are two main differences between the traditional and glass folding doors. First of all, there’s the “visibility.” With the traditional folding doors, rooms are completely divided so you cannot see what’s on the other side. That would work well in restaurants and offices where the meeting is private; but at home and you have kids to keep an eye on, that could spell disaster.

The second main difference is how the doors are opened. With the traditional ones you open the door by folding back the sections. Meanwhile, the glass doors would be of accordion type, which means that they are folded from left to right or perhaps split in the middle.

Advantages of Using Folding glass doors

There are many advantages to using glass for folding doors. Among them are the following:

  • Flexible uses.

Folding glass doors are common in residential and commercial applications. They are used in pool houses, enclosed porches, hotels, stadiums, covered patios, retirement homes, and restaurants and so on.

  • Strong and reliable.

All building materials need to pass the standards set by your state so you know they’re reliable. Science-wise, the glass used in folding doors is glazed and toughened thereby providing efficient sound partition and strong and reliable construction.

  • Customization is easy.

With the many available sizes and designs, customization is easy. For some manufacturers, an on-site visit is possible so builders would know exactly what you need and they can create the folding glass doors to tailor fit.

  • Cleaning is a breeze.

You don’t need extensive cleaning methods with glass.

  • Energy efficient.

Green architecture has paved the way to the many applications of glass in residential and commercial structures. Since it’s clear, light is easily funnelled into a room so you don’t have to turn on the lights during the day. Also, it is thermally enhanced using an iso-bar thermal break so no energy is wasted.

Best of all, glass is beautiful. It is clean, it is light and it is perfect for any home or office setup.