Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Exterior Church Doors

Exterior Church DoorsThe church has become a permanent establishment in any community. No matter what the religion, there is almost always a corresponding church for it. Since the church is host to people’s devotion and worship, it is important that the exterior church doors project an image of humility, welcome, warmth and durability.

Unlike the conventional home doors, church doors tend to be more intricate and grander. Not only do exterior church doors command attention, they can also make or break the visual connection with the people outside. Depending on how the exterior church doors were created and designed, these doors can have an either powerful pull or intimidating aura.

Types of Exterior Church Doors 

Church Front Doors – these doors are the church’s façade, offering a visitor an idea what it likely to like inside the church. The front doors must create an impression of what the church stands for and these impressions are often achieved by using the right design and materials in constructing the front doors.

Church Exit Doors – people pass through the exit doors after a service or after their intention of going to the church has been fulfilled. Although the church exit doors don’t get as much attention from the outside perspective, they can also command attention from the people who are already inside. For this reason, it is important that both church exterior doors do not only complement one another but also communicate the same message to the congregation.

Materials Used to Construct Exterior Church Doors

Wooden church doors – these doors provide an aged and traditional look to the church. Wooden church doors can be made from different hardwood species, fir, oak and mahogany being some of the top choices. These doors may carry different stain, grain and textures and are usually carved in order to bring about a look of elegance and intricacy on the door’s surface.

Bronze doors – bronze is made by combining tin and copper. Bronze doors have been produced since the ancient times and many of these are found in Italy. Bronze church doors carry a lot of personality, basically because they can be engraved by symbols, figures and other artworks. These doors are either made as a single unit or a group of panels cast against a wooden frame. Bronze church doors are usually created through the lost wax method, the same method used to create furnishings, sculptures and artworks made from bronze.

Glass church doors – these doors are more effective in letting in natural light into the church while giving the congregation a peek inside the church without coming in. Glass church doors can be made with individual or multiple panels attached to metal or wooden frame. Nowadays, frameless glass church doors have also become an option. Stained glass is another type that’s often installed in glass church doors and windows. These are made with pieces of cut glass fitted together to aluminum or wooden frames. Other options for glass church doors are frosted, tainted and painted glass.

Since exterior church doors play a significant role in the church and they should be considered with much consideration. Some may consider choosing church doors that match the church’s interiors, while others rely on other factors like durability and need for maintenance.