Thursday 30th of November 2023
Wellcome to Remodeling Online - Custom Closet Doors

Custom Closet DoorsUnlike other types of doors, the main purpose of closet doors is not for security but for concealment of the things beneath it. Today though, there are custom closet doors that are made more for accent purposes than for their original purpose of concealment. They are made with materials other than the usual wood and glass. These doors are perfect options when you’re designing a small space and would like to add a bit of privacy to your already cramped quarters. But they’re also great for large homes that just need customized materials for that personal touch.

Purpose and Aesthetics

You can request to have your closet doors made specifically for your home and the cost will depend on the size, design and materials used to make these doors. There are plenty of opportunities for you to fit the perfect closet doors to your available space. You can have a one panel or two panel doors with raised wood, arch or slats or even stained, frosted or clear glass.

Of course, wood panel doors are more popular options because of their natural ability to adapt to your home’s current interior design. But if you have wider openings, bi-fold doors are ideal. Regardless of the width of the opening, it is imperative that the doors accommodate the ease of getting items inside and out of the closet.

Give Accent

Today, many homeowners also prefer custom closet doors made of glass. Glass custom closet doors allow you to showcase what you have beneath it, such as your collections. This type of door is mainly used for decorative purpose. While it showcase what’s inside the closet, it also protects the things displayed from dust.

Make the Room Bigger

Using glass—whether clear, frosted or milky—for your custom closet doors will bring light into the room; thereby making it bigger and brighter. Glass in closed doors brings a sophisticated look while separating the contents of the closet from the rest of the room.

For cramped spaces, the best custom doors will be those that slide open because they save more space than the traditional hinge doors. To create an illusion that the room is bigger, though, mirrors should be used for the doors. Mirror closet doors are best used in the bedroom and bathroom, where they also take the place of the full-length and bureau mirrors often mounted behind swing doors.


If you’re after energy efficiency, wood may be a good choice. To save on space, sliding doors are ideal. Glass is also a great choice if your main purpose is to showcase what’s inside your closet while protecting it from dust.