Wednesday 12th of June 2024
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Automatic DoorsToday, the word “automatic” has become a common preference in most of the things we use. We want our appliances to turn off by themselves when a job is done; we want our telephones to answer calls automatically for us and get our callers’ messages when we are not able to; or we want our lights to turn off and on automatically when we leave and enter the house to conserve energy. Today, we can also use automatic doors so we don’t have to go through the hassles of opening or closing the doors! While these doors are commonly used in public or commercial establishments,  automatic doors can also be ideal for homes.

What are Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors are powered electricity and they work using sensors, switch or the actual act of pushing or pulling. Doors using sensors to open and close are usually found in malls. These are the doors that automatically open whenever there is incoming traffic. The sensors in the first type of automatic doors can be activated via pressure, infrared, motion and         remote. Sometimes, a switch may also be used as in the case of secure areas where a security check is required prior to entry or exit.

Not only for commercial or industrial applications, automatic doors are also now used in homes. They are popular additions to patios, garden doors and even to seclude the pool or Jacuzzi from the rest of the house and so on.

Automatic Doors for Homes: Necessity for Disabled Residents

Automatic doors are considered a necessity in homes of disabled individuals. They make entering or leaving an area of the home easier.

Great for Pets and Children

Pets and children love to wander and sometimes, they get to areas that are off-limits to them. Automatic doors would be greatly beneficial in two reasons:  they allow easy access from one room to the other and they restrict access to areas of the house that could be dangerous to them.

Ease of Installation

If you have the traditional doors in place and would like to switch to automatic doors, the good news is that changing would be a breeze. You don’t have to modify the door or the jambs just to install the door opener.

In addition, automatic doors fit almost any room in the house. If in case yours is a custom sized door, then you can request to have your auto-doors fully customizable.

Disadvantages of Automatic Doors

A majority of the automatic doors available today run on electricity. Therefore, if the power goes out or the batteries die, they become manual again. However, manufacturers have developed a way to counter this common disadvantage and that is by creating a standby power supply that kicks into action as soon as the main source of power dies down.

Yet another disadvantage is the cost of installation in case you’ve selected a model that requires setup. You can, however, counter this by checking similar models that offer free installation services. Another run-around would be to select designs that no longer require professional installation. However

While automatic doors may have cons, the benefits of using automatic doors easily outweigh the disadvantages. These doors can be a great addition to your home most especially if you’re living with disabled individuals or have kids, or if you simply just want to enjoy the convenience of having one.